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Paul Wranitzky – Divertimento 'La Chasse' [Op. 44] / Ian Peter Bugeja & 'Les Bougies Baroques'

Welcome to the first-ever recording of this Divertimento on period instruments. Many thanks to Daniel Bernhardsson at the Wranitzky Project ( – without whom we could not have brought this piece to life for the first time on period instruments since it was first performed at the turn of the 19th century.



“Bugeja conducts with the energy of a born enthusiast… Great fun and hugely enjoyable.”

Tim Ashley – The Guardian

“With Bugeja directing from the keyboard, the performance as a whole was vivid, well sprung, and aptly festive in spirit.”

Yehuda Shapiro – Opera Magazine

“Ian Peter directed the ensemble from the harpsichord, doing so with his usual zest, energy and infectious commitment…”

Albert Storace – The Sunday Times of Malta

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